Plot – general background

Written By: The Manager


Helen Bailey is a junior litigation lawyer at CWS (Craven Wiley & Sharpe) a medium sized law firm in the City of London.  She is best friends with Jane, Alex, Liz and Olivia; all of whom have the misfortune of working for the biggest bully in the Firm: The Boss; undisputed leader of the litigation department who values his assistants only for their ability to earn him money.

The Boss poaches new partner Miranda Myers from a rival firm and assigns Helen as her new assistant.  Miranda goes out of her way to make life hard for Helen, determined to do anything to secure that elusive equity partnership she craves.

If these horrors were not bad enough, Helen has the misfortune of working with the most odious man at the Bar: Roger Fortesque-Smythe and the worst secretary in the history of the firm: Melinda Peach, who prefers to comprar cialis sin receta pass her days surfing e-Bay and gossiping than bothering with incidentals like typing and filing.  Helen shares Melinda with self styled “head boy” Tarquin who is universally loathed because of his shameless brown-nosing tactics.  Tarquin is friends with Fergus, a self-styled lady-killer whose father is a partner in another office.

When the economy hits the rocks The Boss decides ot capitalise on the universal depression. He launches a new initiative to specialise in new boom areas of law (such as insolvency and employment disputes). Helen is asked to take a case for one of his friends (Philip Carlton,a partner in another City firm, who is being sued for sexual discrimination/harassment by a former assistant). Helen quickly sees parallels of herself in the claimant and jeopardises her own job by helping to arrange a large settlement. Then, to Helen’s horror, Philip Carlton joins her own firm and transfers his affections to her….

As Helen slaves away for no thanks and little pay, Jane, Alex, Liz and Olivia are on hand to lead her astray – sometimes in spectacular fashion.   Jane is undisputed leader of office subversion and spends more time plotting and scheming than, seemingly, working.

Follow their exploits as they battle support staff, champion assistants’ rights and uncover the secrets which threaten to undermine the stability of the litigation team.

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