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To be continued……..

ALWAYS BE NICE TO YOUR SECRETARY   It’s only a few days later, after Gemma has cleared the final detritus from my overflowing out tray, that I notice the little bag again. It has slipped down the side of the desk and wedged itself next to the cupboard. I scoop it out and on to […]

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The End of an Era

The redundancies are confirmed: Melinda is in line to receive four months’ money, a glowing reference and a leaving party (not bad for someone whose greatest contribution to the office has been the introduction of glitter pens). And when she (finally) tells me, she doesn’t even bother to feign sadness or shock; it’s all just […]

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Redundancy Olympics

Now that she has competition, Melinda really goes for gold in her quest to for redundancy: no typing is left intelligible; no filing complete; no message decipherable. She is Olympic Champion of shirking; skiving and malingering. I find myself oddly impressed by her efforts. It takes a Herculean degree of determination to be even more […]

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Voluntary Redundancy

It begins with a phone call from Simpering Veronica…… “Helen, how are you?” “I’m fine, thanks.” All the better if I could get you off the phone. “What can I do for you?” “Well,” she pauses. “It’s more about what I can do for you, actually. You may have heard rumours of administrative changes?” “I […]

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Claims and Circumstances

“Do you have any complaints? “I don’t like the coffee, and the loo roll could be a bit softer.” “No! Not thoe kinds of complaints; complaints against you, in a professional capacity.” Malcolm is in charge of our professional indemnity insurance renewal this year. And he is taking to the extreme. “Oh” I laugh. “Er, […]

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