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Guerilla Warfare

Our Rounders win gets a write- up on the intranet under the heading “Litigation Ladies Pummel Property Team.”  It’s accompanied by a grinning photo of Jane and me with a sulky-looking Fergus in the background.  Almost as soon as it’s published we are bombarded by congratulatory messages from all over the firm. It seems that […]

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A Competative Edge

I thought I would be in the dog house for injuring Selina but, to my surprise, The Boss seems pleased with my antics. “Ah, Mohammed Ali!” he greets me. “Injured any more of my team today?” “Not yet,” I mutter, although if they all keep up these ‘jokes’ I might. “Don’t look so troubled,” he […]

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Olympic Ideals

It has been a frantic few weeks. Liz has, finally, made an honest man of Dan and London has exploded with a frenzy of Olympic excitement. Not that we would know it. Whilst other firms are allowing employees to work from home or stagger their hours, ours has decreed that we should all be at […]

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The Big Night (part 2)

The wedding ceremony over, we flood out of the church into the sunshine for photos. Liz seems blissfully happy, smiling and waving at everyone and Dan is grinning like a Cheshire cat. “It won’t last,” Jane declares, as we watch from afar. “Two weeks in Thailand and they’ll be back home arguing about the remote […]

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THE BIG DAY (part 1)

It’s three days to the wedding of the year.  After a frantic scramble to get her work done, Liz is, finally, ready for her gift presentation. “Oh, I’m so overwhelmed!” she chokes. “Everyone has been so lovely. Thank you so much for all your generous comments and presents. I had no idea you were all […]

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