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Sacrificing Success for Contentment

Liz has not recovered from her performance at the Hen Do. “Why didn’t you stop me?” she wails. Jane lets out a loud snigger. “Are you joking? It was the best entertainment we had had in years!” “But you were supposed to protect me!” “We stopped the Policemen arresting you didn’t we? Even though you […]

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A Royal Embarrassment

It was the biggest weekend of the year: HM The Queen celebrated 60 years on the throne and Liz finally held her Hen Do. Of the two events: the Jubilee was probably easier to organise. Still, we all made it to Windsor in one piece.  No one got lost or mislaid on the way.  And, […]

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Hen Dos and Hen Don’ts

Liz’s hen do is almost upon us and her chief bridesmaid has returned from Bukina Faso.  We know this because the minute she returned she began e-mailing on an epic scale. Re Liz’s Hen Do. First: thanks for Helen and Jane for organising the event in my absence. It’s nigh on impossible to arrange anything […]

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Lady Millions

LADY MILLIONS Selina arrives in a haze of “Lady Millions” perfume. We know this because Liz is reviewing wedding scents and has more free samples than an Avon Lady. She can name any perfume at fifty paces. “And her choice of signature scent says it all,” she says, knowingly. But to be honest, the perfume […]

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A New Danger

Jane has tried all the tricks in the book to avoid sharing her office again, but, alas, she has failed. “I hope Caroline contracts a nasty, disfiguring disease. She wantonly withheld information from me!” She failed to tell Jane about the new arrival. To be honest, I don’t blame her. The more information Jane has […]

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