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Dan’s Departure

  Dan’s departure seems to provoke an out pouring of upset amongst the secretaries. I have never seen so many support staff turn up for a leaving do. And Liz is cast in the role of evil seductress, luring him away from his rightful home. “I can’t believe he’s marrying her,” Melinda sulks. “She might […]

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Extreme Ways of Escape

After four long years, Dan is finally leaving. “Getting engaged is an extreme way of escaping Jane,” Alex tells him as he packs up his stuff. “Well,” he laughs, “I’m just exchanging one form of female torture for another. Sharing a room with Jane or sharing a flat with Liz; there’s not much difference; they […]

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The Next Level

They are being falsely cheery towards me; Malcolm offers me Mint Imperials, Miranda compliments me on my new shoes and The Boss asks me to help with a new case. Everything is hushed up and they are all trying to pretend it never happened….. But Margaret has other ideas. “I told my boss to invite […]

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Executive Lies

Carlton has told the firm that the secondment has been cancelled by the client and the client that the secondment has been cancelled by the firm. When I say, cancelled, that’s not strictly true; he said curtailed. Instead of being six months it’s now only four, meaning I only have a couple more weeks to […]

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The Phoney War

All is still quiet on the Carlton front.  It feels a bit like the Phoney War; my preparations are made; defences ready, now I’m just waiting for his Messerschmitts to appear and bomb the hell out of me. Meanwhile, on a (supposedly) happier note Liz is planning her Hen Do. The only problem is: she’s […]

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