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The Molestation Test

Carlton has been on holiday with his family (!) since The Incident.  I do not know what to expect when he returns. Will he treat me to more of the same? Will he resort to other means of attack? One thing is for sure: I am not expecting him to leave me alone. But, in […]

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The Final Proposition

2nd Jan It’s that period between Christmas and New Year when most people are at home eating leftovers and watching Morecombe & Wise, but I’m in, working on all the stuff I failed to finish in 2011 oh, and readying my resignation letter. The secretaries (who, clearly, view this as an extended holiday) have set […]

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Cinderella Strikes Back

NEWSFLASH: NEXT AA WILL BE MONDAY 9th JANUARY.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. It is a big week: the merger is being announced (it’s a big secret but everyone knows); the Christmas party is being taking place and I have decided to take matter into my own hands and demand a pay rise. In order to […]

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Spread Sheets Rule the World

I am so annoyed by my discovery that I am being paid less than everyone else (not to mention far less than the average legal wage) that I cannot speak to any of my colleagues.  I get three texts from Liz and Jane, which I ignore and a call from Alex, which I divert. Luckily […]

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Salary Sacrifice

Having been unable to persuade a single person to assist me with my cases I am forced to go to Plan B: Working the Weekend.  Saturday morning arrives and, instead of spending a lazy morning in bed and planning trips to the gym/shops/pub, I am up with the larks and tripping into The City.  I […]

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